March 15, 2020

Good evening, 
I wanted to reach out to all my families because I had several e-mails this weekend with concerns about sending the students to school on Monday. I completely understand the concerns and please feel free to do what you feel is best for your child. I will be putting together a packet tomorrow that the kids can work on over their time off. If you are able to pick it up near the end of the day if your child is out that would be great! This way they can get the packet and books they need to complete the work at home. 
Also, I am expecting the students to use Pearsonrealize on line with their math workbook. I will assign lessons on line- through their Google Classroom. 
I’m addition to that, I’m going to have the children read Charlotte’s Web and they will receive a packet to complete while reading the text. 
For on line support I’ve assigned Khan Academy that supports the math lessons from PearsonRealize. I assigned 15 lessons tonight so I can monitor their progress. As I see they completed and mastered the lessons, I will assign more. 
Also, in Google Classroom there are two articles the students can read and answer questions to. It’s from NEWSELA. I assigned them tonight as well. This is new for the kids so hopefully this will work out well. 
In addition, I will give you passcodes to IXL tomorrow for reading and math for extra practice. This would be better for reading as we don’t have many on line supports for reading. This is new too! 
As always the students love Prodigy for math and they can continue using that too. 
If you want to print extra worksheets in reading or math I love the site K5Learning. You can print a 3rd or 4th grade skill and you will get the worksheet and answer key. You can choose by skill and level. It’s super easy to use and a great resource. 
I’m sorry, I know this is a lot but I wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know the plan as on now. Please feel free to reach out and I hope everyone is safe and well.
I’ll be in touch more tomorrow. Thank you all again and talk soon, 
Ms. Kiszkan 

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